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Re: Door Handles

In a message dated 96-02-08 14:15:55 EST, you write:

>I just joined this list yesterday.

Enjoy it.

> I have been getting 
>used parts from a junkyard and changing the lock cylinders myself.  
>Does anyone else have any better ideas on how to replace/repair them for 

Yes. VW/Audi door handles are garbage.  They will all break at some point,
the only question is when.  I don't particularily enjoy repairing the same
thing over and over.  Therefore, some items I will buy new and door handles
are one.  I seem to recall that from aftermarket suppliers these things run
$40-$50 each.  Absolutely minor bucks compared to what could break in an
Audi.   Seriously, if you examine an old door handle you usually will see a
break in the one of the metal levers.  This I believe is due to metal
fatigue.  Once replaced usually no further problems.  And by the way for some
reason they seem to break in winter.