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Re: V8Q brakes

> Now to the latest repair.  The dealership noted that the front pads 
> are near the end of the line and estimated a $600 repair(pads and 
> turn rotors). 

you ever wonder how car dealerships can sell cars for $500 over invoice
and still say in business?  that's your answer right there.

i had my rear pads replaced a while back.. i put in repco metalmasters
and i believe they cost $60 for the set.  the dealer charged one
hour's labor, so total cost about $120...

> Since my car has the converted rotors, this seems a 
> bit high.

just a teensy lil bit...  :)

>  Are there any suggestions for getting reasonably priced 
> replacement pads? 

look in european car for a zillion ads...

> Also, one place that I have called said that 
> there were two types of replacement brakes fitted to the V8 and that 
> they would need the specific part number to price out the pads.  I 
> don't know, but that sounds inefficient to do that unless they made 
> yet another improvment to the brakes!?

well, one type is for the UFO brakes and the other is for the converted
brakes.. easiest thing to do is to tell them you have a 1989 200TQ
and get the pads for that car.  ditto shocks when the time comes...
> Also, found a place that can sell the oil filters for "only" $19.95.  
> That sounds pretty good compared to the $37 the dealer charges.

my dealer sells me oil filters for $18.50 ....  they may not
offer everybody that price though....