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Re: Re[2]: '91 200 TQW

At 10:29 AM 02.05.96 EST, Tom Forhan wrote:

>     A 91 TQW I drove a few months ago had a dash placard, with an
>     Audi part number, warning the driver to never exceed 130MPH.

My '91 200q does not have this warning, but the car may have been delivered
with VR tires.  When I bought it, it had ZR tires on it, so this wouldn't

>>The one page supplement to my owner's manual says the car may have been
>>equipped with Goodyear Eagle GA or Invcta GAL tires, designation 215/60 R 15
>>93V.  (I wasn't original owner, so I can't confirm the car as delivered).
>>Further, the WARNING section talks about never exceeding 130 mph since the
>>tires are rated for less than that.  Anyone see what's wrong with this page!?
>>:)  I guess it's kinda like the Bentley factory manual electrical diagrams and
>>documenting what they sold!

I remember writing this.  I chuckled about it then, and again now--afterall,
a V rated tire can go beyond 130mph.  It's just like the 130mph dash warning
a sticker in my folk's '92 100s--I don't know why since the car is
electronically limited to 130mph--Audi logic at work again?

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