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Clair Audi vs Carlson Audi.

I thought you guys might want to know about this, I just bought a steel rim 
from Clair Audi, in fact it was delivered today. Their price is actually 
lower than Carlson Audi, the 15x6J steel rim for my Audi 92' 100 V6 is listed
at $160.-, I talked to Linda she told me she would sell it to me at $84 plus
shipping, which I think it's quite a bargain but the unfortunate part was
according to Linda there was not a single one in the US and she told me there 
were 29 of them in Canada and it would take at least 3 weeks to get them if
I was lucky, I was really depress also I called other places like Tire Rack,
Discount Tires, Teletires and a bunch local junkyard and no one had one! I
called Clair Audi and asked for Barry(suppose to be the contact for our
group at Clair Audi), he told me the price is $70 plus tax and shipping and
he said would order me one from Audi and they would have it in 3 days and
ship it to me by UPS and I'd get it in 6 business day from the day they
shipped it off. I was a little skeptical especially what Linda told me
but at that point I'd wait since I couldn't find a better price or I was able
to find one anywhere. Anyway they delivered as they promised, I am really 
impressed by them. 

My question is whether all the Audi dealers have access to some kind of central
parts inventory database of Audi of America? Since one dealer told me there was
no way I could get my hands on one in the US and then another dealer got
me one in 9 days from the day I ordered it. I am not concern too much about
the price even though Carlson is slightly higher but still a bargain. 

Anthony Chan
92' 100 V6