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Re: Differential Locking vs Driving style

>Think you might want to reread the rules......

Thanks, I will, again. I seem to recall something about the alignment specs
must be within the "factory allowed tolerances" for Stock Class......
Someone have a Solo II Rule Book handy?

>Nope always did at least 2 fun runs to check on that, Times Always 
>increased at least 1 -1.5 secs.

Sounds like either you're doing something wrong, or the difference between
my stock chassis/suspension Vs your modified chassis/suspension or the 5KQ
turbo Vs the 4KQ makes a BIG difference. Remember, we're talking about
locking ONLY the rear diff. If you are locking the center, or both, then
that's why. You must try locking only the rear, and with auto-x, not
road-racing Have you actually tried this? When Mark Besso raced my 4KQ at an
autocross this past fall he was slower than I inititally. When he then tried
with the rear only diff lock he chopped of > 1 sec, might have even been >
2-3 secs. He was able to take FFD as well as *outright overall FTD* with the
rear only diff locked. Mark's no slouch auto-x driver either! He's a smooth
finesse driver fer sure. It sure worked for him too.....

>Never Said I wanted to run in Stock Class so it really does'nt 
>matter.....  The point is Get your head screwed on straight first then 
>get the car setup CORRECTLY and you will run faster Unlock than Locked.  
>Physics does'nt change just cause you can lock the diffs......


I'd still love to git a ride with you and/or Scott sometime!

>Eric Fletcher