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Re: Painted door handles

Hairy green toads from Mars made Brooks Ellis say:

>         On my '90 100 Q, which is a sort of metallic light blue (glacier
> blue or something..I do not believe it is lago blue..? maybe.), and the door
> handles are the same color as the rest of the car. I think it looks pretty
> good - but have they been painted to match? A dealer looked at my car once,
> and believed that it had been repainted. 
>         I was looking at an '89 200 TQ ( pearl white ) and a '91 200TQ 
> (red), a '91 200 TQ (pearl), and NONE of these had matching door handles -
> they were all black. I do not recall if the V8 I am looking at has black or
> red handles (the car is red).
>     So my question is, does Audi match the door handles, or has my car just
> been repainted? Or maybe just the door handles.. I think that it looks great,
> and the plain black handles are sort of lacking in the class department.

Both of my cars ('89 100Q and '90 90Q20V) have black handles.
I've never seen painted ones.


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