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Re: 5k/200 brake pedal location...

I thought it was the seat that was offset, not the wheel.....or is it both?

I also had *real problems* with heel-and-toe. I could just never get it right.
I gave up. When I started running road-race events my instructors really
gave me a hard time about not heel-and-toe downshifting, *A REAL HARD TIME*.
Said I was wasting a lot of time with the double de-clutch downshifting and
braking not in synch. So, I started trying it on the street. It was *very*
difficult, clumsy and not at all smooth or elegant. I use the ball of my
foot on the brake and the right edge of my heel on the throttle. I just
forced myself to do it even though it was not at all smooth or elegant, *not
at all*. Over time I found that I got good at it, even with the stock pedal
locations (they're really not too bad on Audis). Now it has become second
nature and I don't really need to pay a lot of attention to it. I think it's
a lot like learing to drive a std. You're clumsy and jerky and stall a lot
at first, but you get the hang of it 'cause you are forced to keep trying if
you want to drive a std. So, keep trying. Force yourself to do it all the
time. You will get the hang of it, eventually, even though it will seem so
totally unnatural at first. Now I can switch from the 4KQ, the ur-Q and the
5KTQW with ease, though switching between cars was a problem at first. It's
a learned-through-practice technique. Keep at it!