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Re: Interior light in trunk

On Feb 9,  7:15am, Chris King wrote:
> Subject: Re: Interior light in trunk
> At 09:56 PM 2/7/96 -0500, you wrote:
> >This is probably an electronics 101 question, but my interior trunk lights
> >has not worked in quite a while, no problem I'll get a new bulb.  Well, last
> >night as I am  unloading the trunk from a Walmart run, the light comes on.  I
> >poped the plastic cover, pulled it out and it flickered as I pulled it, and
> >went out completely.  I went to put it back in and when the metal connection
> >on the bulb touched the metal frame of the car, the light came on.
> I have this same exact problem in my '88 5kCST.  I replaced the bulb, but
> the light only comes on when the metal of the light touches the metal of the
> car.  Weird, but then I know zilch about this kinda stuff.
> So what gives here?

Someone has already pointed out that it's likely that the ground
connection is bad.  As they said, follow the wires from the lamp until
you find where it makes contact with the chassis ground.

I have yet to own an Audi (hoping to change that in a week!), but
there's another possibility.  The trunk switch could be switching
either the +12 or the ground.  IF for some reason, Audi uses 
the "supply +12 constantly and switch the ground" method, then
the problem could also be a worn or broken switch.  Find your
trunk lid switch and start playing with it.  If you're *sure*
that it switches *ground*, then try pulling the wire to the
lamp off of the switch and touching it to a metal ground point.
If the lamp lights, replace the switch.

Dan Masi