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Re: Audi needs more power

> reduced weight wouldn't be bad too.  whereas additional power only
> benefits acceleration and top speed, reduced weight would be beneficial
> to dynamics as a whole...

Well, Audi has a chance to do it right with the new platform for the 
new A6/S6. An all-alum like the A8 is still probably not possible. But 
Audi can do the most popular way of using alum these days -- get the 
front hood, trunk hood, and the doors out of alum, with some more alum 
parts here and there to keep the weight down. Since Audi has more 
experience in all-alum cars in mass production (Honda NSX not 
withstanding), this isn't a far out expectation for Audi.

But what I worry about the upcoming new A6/S6 is not on the technology in 
particular, but on the styling dept. I sure hope Audi don't get on the 
"hip" styling of bug eyed uglies dept.

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