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V8 Quattro manuals-Help

I am looking for a source for V8 Quattro manuals. Apparently Bentley does not
make an aftermarket manual. It appears that the only source is an Audi
factory manual. 

Does anybody have a source for V8 factory manuals or a used copy to sell?

Looking for a used Audi factory Delta radio, dead or alive, CD or cassette.
90 or newer. Possible use to fix my existing Delta radio. 

90 V8 Quattro & newer Audis have a dispay of the station & function in the OK
dialog window btwn the speedo. Haven't found a new radio that has this
feature. Additionally the Delta radios have what they call a diversity
antenna hookup, antennas in the windshield & rear defroster loop. Appears to
work well in the SF area, lot of FM signal problems.

Any help would be appreciated. If possible please email me or contact by 800
number. I have not been able to log on regularly to check postings.
PS fixed my heated seat light with a posted tip.

Steve Ogburn 800 854-7757 PST;  OGB1@AOL.COM