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Bosch driving lights; Report back.

     Greetings all,
        had these beauties on for a couple of months now and I believe are 
     a cheap fix for anybody with badly pitted lenses. I mounted them on 
     the top of the front bumper as I already had existing mountings there 
     form an old pair of Bosch fogs that came with the car when I bought 
     it. I was told that it's quite a mission to attach these mounts, 
     drilling the front bumper ect, so bear that in mind.
     They are supposed to be used for Hi beam I guess but I pointed them 
     down and they are a LOT better than my low beams; due to my severely 
     pitted lenses (I'd say 3x the intensity on my car anyway). You might 
     have to experiment with the aiming and you'll know when there 
     correctly aligned when you don't get flashed by oncoming
     motorists any more !.
     Well here's the details :  Bosch halogen driving lights
                                Model No. 23350c
                                Wattage: 55w
                                Cost: $55.99 (You can probably get a better 
                                price shopping around)          
     All wiring included and all parts available seperatly. Can be ordered 
     from European Car parts @ 1-800-325-9547. I got this number from an 
     order form that came with the lights so don't know anything about this 
     company. The second week after installation I cracked a lens Oh well 
     !. Hope this helps those who are on a tight budget; don't get me wrong 
     I'd love some hella low beams !
     Happy illumination
     Richard 86 4000s 158K