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Fwd: Re: Another 20V Q question...

>Hairy green toads from Mars made Jef Johnstone say:

>>  Thanx for the post on the 20V Q sedan, I have one more question. 
>Didn't they
>> (90-91 20V Q *sedan*) come stock with the speed line 3 piece wheels? 
>same as
>> the 90-91 coupes?

>Angela's '90 90Q20V sedan has the BBS mesh alloys, just like on my
>'89 100Q. Only hers are Pearl White to match her car, mine are plain
>old metallic.

>I've never seen coupe wheels on anything other than coupes.


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I have seen 20V 90Q sedans w/ 5-spoke speedlines.  don't know if they 
were stock, but it has occurred.

also, they're not really 3-piece. they just look that way!

Andre Walker
"Q COUP 91" w/ 5-spoke speedlines, of course