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Re: 4000s FWD, a lousy snow car ???

My 84 4ks with Dunlop D60 A2s is ok in the snow.  Get some snow tires and 
you'll be fine.  

You don't know about lousy snow cars.  I drove a BMW 2002 for two 
winters.  I was once stuck on a perfectly level driveway with just a bit 
of ice on it.

On Fri, 9 Feb 1996 Richard_gann@mail.amsinc.com wrote:

>      Greetings,
>         I noticed that my FWD 4000s is really lousy in the ice regarding 
>      traction. I have yokos u+4 mvs on the front and I realize that these 
>      are no Blizzaks but I think for a FWD car it should be better. Has 
>      anyone else noticed this regarding the 1.8l 4000s FWD, is it just too 
>      light at the front or has it got anything to do with the missing rear 
>      diff. Yes I know everybody in Colorado should have a Quattro !!!
>      Richard 4000s 1.8l