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Re: S4 boost guage retrofit ?

>On 9 Feb 1996 PETERSACK_JOE@Tandem.COM wrote:
>> Quattro Group:
>> The 1993 S4 does not have a boost guage.  Has anyone added either a
>> factory or after-market boost gage ?  Appreciate any experiences that
>> you can share.
>> Joe Petersack
>Don't all S4's have a digital gauge that reads in bar rather than psig?

Nope, only the S4's with the trip computers have the boost gauge
readouts.  Our '93 S4 does not show boost either.  I DO have some
instructions on how to add a boost gauge to the car.  I asked the
same question shortly after we got our S4, and another Q lister
told me how.  Anyway, to the person the originally asked the
question, please email me directly and I'll send you the info.

Drive on!



'93 S4
'87 4kCSQ
'86 XR4ti