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Re: What makes a car driveable ?

Both of the cars you tested were turbocharged.  As you noted they both 
have lower compression ratios, but you also have to remember that it 
takes a little bit of time for the turbo to spin-up.  My dad's 88 5ktq 
doesn't really take off until 2500rpm (those who drive these cars daily 
can give better impressions than I).  Test those cars again and keep the 
revs up...I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

I'm surprised at your impression of your current car.  I would never 
consider the 1.8 an especially torquey engine.  My old 2002 on the other 
hand...could start it in third gear and smoothly rev out to the redline.  
My 84 4ks revs cleanly to redline (6500, I think) and I don't think the 
power really drops off until around 6000.  Next time you merge onto a 
freeway, lay into it a bit more than usual.  The only time I shift at 
2000 rpm is when my grandfather is in the car :).

Mike Wendt
84 4000S

On Fri, 9 Feb 1996 Richard_gann@mail.amsinc.com wrote:

>      Greetings all,
>         trying to figure out what makes a car driveable. I have test driven
>      the 91 100 20v Turbo Q ( my dream car ) and a standard 88 5kcstq and 
>      have to confess that I was a little disappointed with them both. They 
>      weren't as 'nippy' as my 1.8l 4cyl and I was wondering why this was 
>      so. Granted my 4000 is lighter. I guess that lowering the compression 
>      ratio due to the turbo is a factor but I see that the non turbo 5cyl 
>      is also lower 8.5,1 vs. my 10.0,1. Is this a factor?
>      My definition of nippy is being able to change gear at 2000 rpm, 
>      driving normally that is, and still having plenty of punch, I rarely 
>      rev my beauty over 4000 rpm, as not a lot happens up there. I guess I 
>      need the turbo Q motor in the trunk and get it to kick in at 4000 rpm 
>      !!! (Like the Pikes peak Suzikie sidekick)
>      I have yet to drive the 5cyl non turbo or S4 so I can't comment on 
>      these cars but having had a Golf 1.8l 8v Gti before my 4000 s , 
>      basically the same engine, I have come to like that low down grunt but 
>      as a highway cruiser my 4000 sucks.
>      I guess I want to know why the 1.8 has that feel to it as the peak 
>      torque is at higher rpm than the 5cyl so what gives. I also realize 
>      that it also a personal thing. Maybe a another Prozak will help.
>      Confused in Colorado
>      Richard 4000s 1.8l 157k