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Re: Heel & Toe technique

> I agree, but I also think that it is very difficult to blip the throttle
> with any accuracy with the heel since is the faster motion of the two That
> is why I brake with my heel, and blip with my toe.  Braking is mostly
> non-motion, constant pressure, whereas blipping is a quick motion which
> must be done while braking, without disturbing the braking pressure.  

Bingo!  I've tried to do it the "correct" way but was never successful until
I started using the ball of my foot on the brake and roll it over to operate
the throttle with the right side ... this seemed very natural and I've never
been tempted to switch back for the reason Graydon describes above.  As Glen
said, once you start doing this, it eventually becomes second nature and you
can't NOT do it ... in the case of my 200tq, the brake pedal height is fine,
the pedal is just about 1/4" too narrow.  Although I CAN heel-and-toe if I'm
*very* careful, I'm afraid my foot will slip off the pedal if I'm not...
As for left-foot braking, I usually do this only in sweeping turns ... lower
speed stuff (like autocrossing) happens so quickly and my feet are so large,
that I have a real problem not catching the clutch pedal as well.  That's on
a 4k, though ... it looks my 200tq has a lot more room down there.  I'll try
it when I hit the track in a few weeks since I now have a turbo to spool up!
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