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Re: 4000s FWD, a lousy snow car ???

Richard, on 9-02-96, you wrote:
>My 84 4ks with Dunlop D60 A2s is ok in the snow.  Get some snow 
tires and 
>you'll be fine.  
>You don't know about lousy snow cars.  I drove a BMW 2002 for two 
>winters.  I was once stuck on a perfectly level driveway with just 
a bit 
>of ice on it.

I respond,

	I cant believe you're complaining about the winter traction 
in a BMW!!!!=) I have three.  One never gets driven, its an 
original 2002turbo, the other two, a 2002ti, and a 530i get retired 
at the first sign of snow.  No, I take that back, they sit in the 
garage when it gets near 35 degrees.  Thats when I bring out my 87 
5KCSTQ!:)   That gets me through the winter.  Don't even think 
about driving a BMW in winter.  PS  Im looking for a coupe quattro.