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FS: 1987 5k parts...

Well, Allstate has finally made me an offer for my totalled '87 5k ... while
it's more than I expected and/or originally hoped to get ($5,389.50), it's a
bit short of what I figured I could negotiate them up to.  I'm going to take
another run at them Monday and see if they'll come up to $5,500 (remember, I
make my living by negotiating with the IRS so an insurance company should be
easy by comparison!) but either way, I should get the car back soon.  BTW, I
think my ploy about using my membership in QCUSA to support my claim that my
car's potential market was national and not local worked ... unless she lied
to me, which is always possible, the adjuster claimed she got appraisals for
the car from several different cities around the US and averaged them to get
her $5,389.50 figure.  As an aside, she added that it would have been $1,150
less based just on the Phoenix market.  Something to keep in mind at renewal
time ... or if you're looking to buy an '87 5k!  ;^)

Here's the plan: strip the car of any spares that me or my family are likely
to need for our 5kw, 100 and 200tq, sell off what I can over the next couple
of weekends, then ship the car off to a salvage yard.  The damage is located
on the driver-side front, from the headlight back to the strut housing.  The
car is painted Almond Beige metallic (aka Gold) and has a tan cloth interior
that's in pretty good condition.  It has 139k on it but it's been maintained
pretty well by yours truly and ran pretty well until its premature death.

I'm not yet sure whether I'll be selling off the suspension goodies yet (I'm
trying to convince my father to put them on his '91 100) but if I do, here's
what I've got: 7x15 5-spoke Dotz wheels with Yokohama 215/55-15 A008g tires,
H&R springs, Boge TurboGas shocks & struts, an early '86 5tkq anti-roll bar,
'86 5kt rear anti-roll bar, custom rear panhard rod and fresh (less than 10k
miles) OEM suspension bushings all around.  I'm keeping the camber plates to
use on my 200tq along with the front subframe and control arms...

If you're looking for parts, drop me a note.  (I hope I haven't run afoul of
the Advertising Police with this message; if so, my apologies.)

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