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Re: A4 1.8T test drive surprise.

On Sat, 10 Feb 1996, Eric Schumacher wrote:

> Dave,
> You are LUCKY
> I suspect that just about every quattro member shares this opinion. 
> Eric Schumacher
> es61@prism.gatech.edu
I had originally had my heart set for an S6 Wagon. Ordered one from a 
dealer in Seattle and everything. BUT I could not give up my V8 (too many 
miles of love) and could not give up my MB 190 2.3-16V, so I promised 
myself to wait for the A4 1.8TQ. Now I know I was right. I convinced my 
unsuspecting spouse that this car would be a nice little safe commuter 
for her. Hehehehehehe!!!
When I spoke with ABT in Germany last year about the 1.8T, they were so 
enthisiastic about this power plant. Joe Hoppen said the same. Lots of 
Manfred Hageldorn, chief Audi mechanic at Rusnak in Pasadena (Calif)
said the A4 2.8 was too crowded in the engine bay and the 1.8T should be 
a much better car for routine and major service.
>From my rental in Germany of an A4 last November, I fell in love with the 
I am ready for this puppy!
Paul Rivera