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Re: running a/c in winter

>Hi guys,
>I understand that the a/c should be run once in a while in winter to
>keep all components lubricated, and so on.
>Just yesterday the weather here (in Canada) was getting warm enough
>to do the winter "a/c work-out".   When I push the a/c switch,
>nothing happens.  I mean absolutely no response at all;  no red light
>indicating a/c is selected, a/c clutch did not move at all, rpm of
>engine remained unchanged, the "rec" switch did not change the vent
>louver position.
>I did not know what to do.
>However, a few hours later when I started my car again and tried the
>a/c unit, guess what, everything kicked in as if nothing had happened
>earlier - indeed that was the case.  The a/c seemed to work fine.
>Could someone explain why ?
>The only speculation is that the compressor or the condensing unit
>may require certain warm-up after a prolonged period of inactivity.
>Before the warm-up is complete, the unit won't start.  Am I close ?

On the 5k, the a/c head will not turn on the compressor if the temperature
is below a certain point. I think it's around something like 34 deg. F., or
maybe 42 deg-I can't remember.  Yours might have this as well.

On a similar note, do all Audi's run the compressor with the defroster?  I
though that this was normal, and my 5k does it.