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V8 Pads & Rotors....

Hi Randall,

The pads from a dealer are $250.-  Repco Metal Masters from
Stranos are $100.- (But you must cut and splice the pad wear
sensor connector..... for $150.- savings I started splicing......

Rotors are 100.- Ea. I think....Maybe $100.- for the pair..... (Stranos)
Not sure,  I'ts 1:30am in Nuremberg and I can't sleep..... again,
so I'm working..... :-(... kinda....

Filters 15.- Stranos

Eliot posted, just get the 89 200TQ Pads... Be carefull here,
You need to check and see if you have ATE or Girling Calipers....
Just Pull a tire off and it should tell you on the caliper what it is..


Mike L.
89 100 Avant
90 V8Q