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fwd message

While surfing around the local classifieds, I came across this ad.  Call me
crazy, but I thought somebody out there might have an interest...

>I want to sell my '85 Audi 5000 turbo.  It's running but have some problem.
>            1. Mileage meter is gone last month (slightly less than 100K)
>            2. Only one door can be opened from out side (repair $75 /door)
>            3. Damage on rear left signal light.
>            4. Coolant is leaking from hose ( large amount)
>            5. A/C doen't work even I change compressor($new one $1000 not
>rebuilt one)
>            6. rear window doen't work
>            7. didn't pass the state inspection of course
>            8. didn't register it
>            9. Radio is gone
>Bright side
>            1. only $500.
>2. It's turbo
>            3. Leather seat
>            4. Automatic Transmission ( I changed it 2 years ago at Phenix
>            5. New timing belt
>            6. New Alterator belt
>If you are not familiar with Audi and mechanical job, don't try.  I want
>to sell it Audi specialist
>for body and part. I am too honest.

If any body is interested I'll try to get in touch with the guy.



'90 80 2.0