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Re: Heel & Toe technique

>Eric,  Are you saying that you are left foot braking in preparation for a 
>turn that does not require a downshift, and the braking is to settle the 
>car on its 
>suspension.  Also, do the TQ's come with a bypass valve to keep the boost 
>up between shifts ?  I don't understand why you would need left foot 
>braking to keep turbo spooled up when overtaking a slower car.  I would 
>like to understand this better so please explain it to me.

What I'm saying is that On the track I use my left foot to do most of my 
braking, The  only time that I shuffle my right foot onto the pedal is 
when I need to use the clutch. No I don't use it to settle the 
suspension.... If your having to do that you need to take another look at 
the suspension.

The TQ's do not come with bypass valves, the S4 and S6 do but it's more 
to prevent the drop throttle pressure spike from popping the intercooler 
apart.  Regardless of if the car has a bypass valve you still need to 
keep not only the turbo spooled up but the intake manifold pressurised 
for the best on throttle response, therefore the need to left foot brake.


Eric Fletcher