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87 Coupe questions

I have been the proud owner of a 89 200TQ for almost 4 years now. I even
purchased a new 84 5000 after I read it was the voted Car of the year back
then. But I've always loved the looks of the coupe. So last week I purchased
a 87 Coupe with 119,000 mi. (Accually I traded an 87 Vanagon for it.) The
body is in great shape, the paint is pretty good, and the interior is mint.
It needs A-arm bushings and maybe a motor mount but that seems like an easy
job. You guys/girls seem to be well informed on these great vehicles so I
have a few questions.

Other than the fact that I love this car, is there any querks or things that
I should look for? I've ordered a Bently manual but does anyone know where I
can find an owners manual (even a photocopy). Can I get Euro Lights for the
car? What about the Audi part #'s for the driving lights and switch. Thanks
in advance.

Mike D.

89 200TQ
87 Coupe 
Mike Des Chenes