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Interesting ads - urQ/S6

>From Feb Hemmings:
1983 Quattro Turbo Coupe, 2 owner North Carolina car, Champagne  w/brown
leather, 89K miles, owned by Audi technician and enthusiast, I have owned 32
of these cars and this is one of the best, $8900 ph 802.660.1900 VT

Somebody on this list has to know this guy - 32?!

>From latest Autoweek:
1995 Audi S6, Blk/blk, 340hp, full warrenty, full suspension/exhaust. Larger
turbocharger. 10K miles. $42,500   414.653.0834

So I wonder where he got the larger turbo - Scott or Jo Hoppen?


Dave Head
(yeah, I'd love to have either one of them...or both!)