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Re: Interesting ads - urQ/S6

That black S6 has got to be the car that audi Exchange in Lake forest, IL 
has been advertising.  They claim over $5000 in upgrades to the car 
including some chip mods, exhaust, and some other stuff.  In yesterday 
Chicago Tribune a '95 black on black S6 was listed at 40,990.

One of the guys on the list who lives out in the estern 'burbs posted 
some Schaumburg Audi prices a few weeks back for computer, exhaust, etc.  
Sounds to me like the car was modified by Schaumburg Audi and somehow 
wound up in the hands of Audi Exchange.  If I remember correctly 
Schaumburg likes to use Jo hoppen mods.

At 40,990 asking, what can you buy it for?

Bill Murin