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Re: A4 1.8T test drive surprise.

At 01:32 PM 2/10/96 -1200, you wrote:
>for the interest of those on the list, i was contacted by my audi dealer
yesterday who asked me to drop in as he had a "surprise for me".
>when i turned up, he threw me the keys for an a4 and asked me to take it
for a 30 minute test drive and tell him what i thought.  he wouldn't tell me
anything about the car, he just wanted my impressions.
>the car was a quattro 1.8 turbo 5 valve with climate, and manual 5 speed.
it had twin airbags and the sports steering wheel.  it had 3,000km on the clock.
>walter rohl will be out in nz during july to conduct quattro performance
driving courses, which the dealer has enrolled me on.  these will be free to
"selected customers".  the thought of being driven around the local race
track by walter (balls as big as grapefruit) rohl himself will be an
absolute highlight.
>thats all folks!

Can I sum it all up in two words? JEALOUSY AND ENVY!!

Boy, sounds like you're in good with this dealership!! And tell Walter I
said Hello! Yeah, right, I can hear him saying it now.... "Who the %$#&* is
Jim Griffin?" :-)

Have fun with Walter.... and let us know how the experience was!

Jim -  sporting a frown of jealousy........... :-(

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