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Re: heel and toe

>You guys are all kidding yourselves.  Heel and toe went out years ago
>when transmissions went from straight cut gear to synchros.  Heel and
>toe shifts take too much time as you have to do so many things.  In
>fact the new racing transmissions like the Jerrico in Nascar and the
>new Indy car tanmissions don't even require you to use the clutch or
>to get the engine speed into directo harmony with the trans speeds.
>Those of us in real racing go straight down to the gear that we want
>to get thru the corner with no throttle blipping or double clutch.
>That allows you to concentrate on fewer things, allows you to get
>deeper into the corner and to get into the proper gear in less time.
>Heel and toe is history.  Bob Hines

Don't you wish you knew everything......Heel and Toe is history ONLY with 
a straght cut gearbox.  Double clutching has been dead with syncro box's. 
 There is still a LOT of racing that does'nt use crashbox's.  To race 
anything well And to real do well in a street car you HAVE To know how to 
downshift.  We don't teach it at race school just to teach it, It serves 
a purpose.  As for concentrating on fewer things, Heel and Toe should be 
a totally programed reaction requiring no mental overhead, If your 
thinking about it your not doing it correctly.  BTW the 
Jerrico's/Hewlands/Indy Box's still require RPM's to be matched fairly 
close to get the box to downshift, Besides if the rev's arn't matched 
your going to do ugly things in the weight transfer department........


Eric Fletcher