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Bought a 88 5KCSTQ.......

Hello Audians :

(Semi Audi related ---- so I will keep it short)
Last night I posted that a 88 5KCSTQ was for sale in Columbus, Ohio.... I did
not realize that I was a candidate to purchase the car but after driving it
this morning well I bought it.

The family Audi total reads : 85 5K, 87 5KCSTQ, 88 5KCSTQ, 90 100, 90 90, 93
S4 and we all love reading the list daily..... must be a family hobby or vice
don't know yet .....

Anyways my beloved 86 VW Jetta GLI 8V is now for sale ..... do any of you
know where I could post an ad on the NET for this car ? I have done some Web
browsing and e-mailed some Web Page owners like Mr. Dan equivalents - except
from the VW side of the fence.

If anyone knows of an interested party then please forward them my e-mail.
Well if anyone has some insight then please let me know.

Thanks & Sorry for the bandwidth,