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heel & toe

A race is when a field of cars approaches and receives the green flag all
together and then accelerates to the first corner as a group.  And then
tries to go faster than everyone else to the end of a designated distance
or time.  What you guys are doing is called autocross or solo events, not
racing.  Heel and toe is slower than speed shifting a race car, period.
Bob Meyers has a good point regarding spooling up the turbo and I accept 
that as I have never raced a turbo car on the track.  However I base my
wisdom on over 35 years of racing, 11 championships in several different
classes, racing midgets, spsorts carts and small hydroplanes.  I was the
chief instructor for Washington DC Regiona SCCA on two different occasions
for a total of 7 years.  I taught SCCA schools for over 18 years.  Our
schools had about 150 students each year I have owned or driven in over 
30 different cars in SCCA and IMSA and retired six years ago to get my 
son thru college.  Last year my son went thru his race school in a ITA 
Mazda RX-3 and was within 1/2 second of the lap record for that class in
his second school, so its either in the genes or he was well taught.

Bob Hines