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Achillies Heel

In a message dated 96-02-11 19:38:34 EST, you write:

>b Meyers has a good point regarding spooling up the turbo and I accept 
>that as I have never raced a turbo car on the track.  However I base my
>wisdom on over 35 years of racing, 11 championships in several different
>Mazda RX-3 and was within 1/2 second of the lap record for that class in
>his second school, so its either in the genes or he was well taught.

And turbo spool is THE key to track times in a turbo q,  and again, straight
cut gears on my FJ1100 work wonders for 'speed shifting', the "balky"
shifters of the q's take none of it, BTDT......   No one questions your
resume, but seeing your post indicates to me that you have taken everything
BUT a q to the track....   >>>>>Heel and toe is slower than speed shifting a
race car, period.<<<<<  AND NO ONE HAS QUESTIONED THAT......  However, altho
lots of us have mods galore, race cars most of the q's here are not, and
matching revs in race cars has been done for years synchros or not, your CV &
professing aside......  Not sure I understand AT ALL your point, from the
earlier post or this one......  QUSA and several other Club Racing runs AT
TRACKS, not autocrosses or solo events, again indicating that some fun might
be enjoyed by trying your "professed" at one of these events, then post.....
 There are lots of impressive resumes here, trophy winning techniques, years
of experience.....   Racing street cars on the track requires abilities that
will tax even the MOST experienced, cuz in a race car, an unacceptable
compromise is fixed WOQ or second thought....  In a car that is driven 90+%
on the street,  second thought IS the rule and the engineering (hmmm straight
cut the gears for the wife and kids, 2in lowered suspension, 2 1/2 negative
camber, or learn to SET the car properly)....  It's fun, it's a great
ADDITION to any "real" drivers resume.....   Try it, I assure you Bob, you'll
like it.....