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Re: heel & toe

On Sun, 11 Feb 1996, Robert Hines wrote:

> A race is when a field of cars approaches and receives the green flag all
> together and then accelerates to the first corner as a group.  And then
> tries to go faster than everyone else to the end of a designated distance
> or time.  What you guys are doing is called autocross or solo events, not
> racing.  Heel and toe is slower than speed shifting a race car, period.

You mean  racing is **NOT** having us lined up at a stage, and sending us 
off in one minute intervals to blast through the woods at speeds other 
people wouldnt do on tar? and we probably never see another car either. I 
guess we've been doing it wrong. Ill try to explain it to them next 
rally.  :)

Heel and toeing takes NO extra time. It takes no mental overhead. Its 
like steering ... if you have to think about it, you dont belong there. 
Heell and toeing is a very efficient way of matching r's for smoother and 
FASTER shifts, and does not take any more time.

> Bob Meyers has a good point regarding spooling up the turbo and I accept 
> that as I have never raced a turbo car on the track.  However I base my
> wisdom on over 35 years of racing, 11 championships in several different
> classes, racing midgets, spsorts carts and small hydroplanes.  I was the
> chief instructor for Washington DC Regiona SCCA on two different occasions

Its probably personal preference thats al.. if your fast with one way 
stick with it.


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