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Vancouver BC Dealers

To All:

I am going to be moving from Toronto, Onatrio, Canada to Vancouver, British
Columbia, Canada in the near future and would appreciate answers to the

1.  Does anyone have any sales/service experience (ie. either
good/bad/indefferent) with any Audi dealers in Vancouver as I want to know
not only which ones to go to but which ones to avoid?

2.  Following 1. above, does anybody have contacts at those dealerships?

3.  Also following 1., does anybody know of any Audi dealers in the
Vancouver area who specialize in aftermarket upgrades a la Hoppen
Motorsport/ABT?  For example, Pfaff Motors in Toronto does aftermarket
upgrades based on both Hoppen and ABT.

4.  Once we are on the subject, does anyone know how far of drive it is from
Vancouver to JT Motorsport at (805) 579-9123 who does ABT modifications in


96 A4Q, 5 Speed