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Re: Thread Protocol (semi-long)

At 09:50 AM 2/11/96 -0500, Dan Simoes wrote:

>It's a bit too much work to ask of folks.  If you can use a filter
>like procmail or filter (comes with elm) you can define a rule
>if to quattro then save /Mail/quattro
>or similar.

Whap! (sound of my palm smacking my forehead) Of course! I was mentally
stalled out trying to think of how I could do it with the info in the
subject line. I guess I didn't think of using the "Sender" line because it
doesn't show in my Inbox summary window. It just goes to show how all them
pesky trees can block the view of the forest now and again.

Thanks, Dan, for clearing the cobwebs out of my cranium. Now I can
concentrate on upping the Audi content of my messages to make eliot happy. :)>

At 12:26 AM 2/11/96 -0500, Richard Klein wrote:

>I never bothered looking at the mail filtering capabilities of 
>Pegasus until you brought this subject up.  It turns out that Pegasus 
>can parse messages based on the Sender: header.  This allows me to 
>weed out Quattro list messages, if not to further separate them by 
>subject.  This is probably the best we'll get, judging by the 
>response of some Q-listers to structured subject headers...

Yup, you're right on both counts (much to my chagrin on the first one). See
my reply to Dan.

Thanks, Rich.

At 01:26 AM 2/11/96 -0800, Eliot Lim wrote:

>i honestly think that the solution to your problem is to get better
>software.  i have all my Q-mail going to one specific folder which
>contains nothing but Q mail..  that way, they can build up to hundreds
>and i never have to worry about them getting in the way of more
>important stuff.

Actually, Eudora Pro *will* do just what you say, eliot. I just had my head
up and locked. See my reply to Dan.

Hasta luego!
87 5kcstq