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DC area mechanic recommendation?

I just sent this post to Unka Bart and that thought to myself, "Self, why
not post this to the whole quattro list?"  So...  

Hmmm.  Required quattro content?  Hmmm.  My son drives my quattro (on rare
occasion).  :-)

I'm asking a favor.  My son, Paul, lives in the DC area and is looking for a
mechanic he can trust to do honest, competent, and fairly reasonable priced
work on his Geo Prizm (still under warranty).  Yeah, I know, and "Other than
that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?"

Can anyone recommend someone in the general DC/Baltimore/Annapolis region?


You can contact Paul at pmyers@doc.gov.  You won't be able to "reply" to him
since he is working on a supposedly "secure" internal Dept. of Commerce
e-mail system.  You can initiate mail to him using his address, however.

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