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Re: heel & toe

My, my!  OK Gang, it's time for that perenial question to raise it
ugly head again, to wit: "HUH...???"

Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart, himself a paragon of comity and brotherly love at 
*all* times, Idly wonders if he's mistakenly wandered into 

> >A race is when a field of cars approaches and receives the green flag all
> >together and then accelerates to the first corner as a group.  And then
> >tries to go faster than everyone else to the end of a designated distance
> >or time. 
> Oh. OK. Sorry.  I guess drag racing is't racing either......might be news to
> the NHRA.....you should perhaps write 'em a letter and let 'em know.....do
> they have an email address?

Regarding the definition quoted above, and a field of *two* with a designated 
distance of 440 yds...  Of course, the first corner is *after* the finish line 
(picky, picky, picky...)