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Re: Set Konis where?

Hairy green toads from Mars made Neil Swanson say:
> Hey folks,
> I hope this week to install Konis in the front of my 5KCSTQ. The OEMs are real
> floaters.  I'm also going to do both front wheels bearings at the same time.
> My question, in your experience would you put in the Konis on full soft?, plus
> 1 turn? etc.
> Ideas? Comments?  Eric,Scott your ideas.  For now the rears will stay as the
> stockers.  They are fine. I'll then get realigned with 1/2 degree neg all
> around.

I have Konis front and rear in my '89 100Q. The fronts, with about
10K miles on them are now at full stiff. The rears, brand new, were
set at +3 half-turns (60% stiff). This provides very crisp handling,
but some might call it just a bit harsh. My wife likes it, and she
doesn't care about handling, just ride.

If you make the fronts stiffer than the rears, you get oversteer.
Vice versa, you get understeer. Which would you prefer? I was
aiming for just a hair of understeer, but I think I got a bit of
oversteer by overestimating how worn the fronts were.


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