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A/C problem/questions

I was out working on the TQC this weekend, finding out how
to remove the ECU wiring harness, and found a problem with
the A/C system. I know a few of you are A/C gurus and can
probably tell me what I broke.

Yesterday I noticed that the small aluminum tube, a capillary
tube of some sort was broken, at the point that it enters into
the radiator type device under the dash, the condensor?
Anyways this tube goes back to the  vent sliders which are
located in the center console and goes into some small
switch type of device. One other event of note, a few months
ago when I was out working under here, I did move this line
and heard a short hissing sound and then smelled oil/??.
The odor was strong enough to get out of the car. This must
be when I broke this tube.

So the questions are:
What have I broken?
What does it do?
Is it embedded into the radiator thing or just slides in?
What leaked out?
What is the correct name for the radiator thing under the dash?
Anyone ever replace one of the tube things?

I was planning on leaving the A/C intact and functional, but if
I have really screwed up in some high $$$ way, I might save
some weight.

Looking forward to the collective insight and sorry for the lack
of technical knowledge in this area .

Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com
83 tqc -> sans A/C??