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RE: 1990 Coupe Heater Blower Extraction

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Comments by:       Ian Duff@Tech@NESystems

I will second the observation about just how large a PITA it is to remove and 
replace the glovebox in a '90 Coupe, having done same installing a cell 
phone. Here's a tip - use one of those socket driver universal joint thingies 
on the two screws on the console side. Lying on your back with your feet 
draped over the back of the passenger seat makes visibility rather limited. A 
word of warning - don't catch your shirt on the power seat switches, or you 
may think your beloved Coupe is trying to kill you. Good luck. Call if you 
have trouble, or direct email for any other info.

Ian Duff
'90 Coupe Quattro, New Bedford MA
617.672.8460 (vmail, pages me during work week)

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I saw the following question and decided to address it.

"Okay, I've searched the archives in hopes of finding some
info on removing/replacing the heater blower motor in an
Audi 90 with limited success. I've found good info on 
performing the operation on a 5K, but not a 90. I am hoping 
that since this replacement is fairly common that one of
you folks who has already done it could give me some insight
into the precedure... Tips/etc. I appreciate any info...
Please email directly and I'll  compose a how-to after I'm done
for the archives...


WHAT?  You are trying this and you don't even have a factory shop manual??
 For shame, for shame!!  The below procedure is from the manual, although
they glossed over some "fun" parts.

I have done this job, and it is not fun at all.  The biggest problem was lack
of room to pull the blower out of the plenum; it is blocked by the passenger
side A/C fresh air duct.  But in case you want to try it, this is the

1) Remove the flat black plastic panel located right above the passenger
footwell underneath the dash.  There are two screws at each end right at the
bottom of the glove box door (6mm hex, if I remember).  Unscrew them, then
slide the plastic panel straight out into the passenger compartment.

2) Unbolt and remove the glove box.  This is held in place by 4 hex bolts
(two per side, under the vertical sides of the glovebox door).  These are
just difficult to get at; there is another one at the very top center of the
glovebox that is near impossible to get at.  With the bolts out, the glovebox
can be removed by pushing to one side and pulling out the side mounting rails
on one side; the whole box should then fall out. (Almost forgot: unclip the
glove box light from its bracket first.

3) You should now be able to see the blower mounted into the plenum.  Unscrew
the various hex-head bolts and disconnect the two power lead wires.  With a
little wiggling, the blower should break loose from the plenum.

4) Unfortunately, removal of the blower is blocked by the paseenger side
A/C-fresh air duct.  I thought about removing it, but one look at the
location of the mounting clips indicated to me if I ever got them loose, I'd
never get them back on again.  So, the blower came out using brute force and
prying; fortunately, nothing broke.

5)  The new blower went in with just as much fun as the removal.  make sure
you apply some weaterproof sealant to the circumference of the blower housing
where it seals to the plenum.

6)  Now, more fun:  reinstallation of the glvoe box is another nightmare.
 Problem is trying to align up the nuts on the glovebox mounting rails with
the holes in the insrument panel, place the two plastic trim pieces on the
outside and align THEIR holes, then try to screw in the mounting bolts.  This
took about as much time as the blower replacement itself.

I have owned my 1990 Coupe for about 5 years now, and have amassed almost
100,000 miles on it.  I'll try to pass on my other "fun" experiences in the
future.  However, I love the car and won't sell it for anything else
presently in its market category (am waiting for Audi to offer a A4 Coupe
hatchback - fat chance - or the A4 Avant offered in Europe; probably by the
time it comes over, though, it'll be available only with a wimp stick).