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83TQC handling

I am interested in advice/opinions about how to make my car handle better. It
has stock suspension, 80K miles, no rear antisway bar, and 7"Fuchs wheels
with 205/60-15 tires.
The quality I do not like is that "floaty" feeling-- body roll in turns, and
diving when under hard braking. I am not looking to make this a track car,
just a more sure footed road car while maintaining ride comfort. The Eibach
springs I understand come in two varieties, progressive and linear, the
progressive being too soft on the intial travel and too firm when wound up,
the linear too firm in general or they lower the car too much. Can I achieve
the ride I am looking for with just shocks?  Konis vs. Bilsteins vs? Are gas 
shocks the way to go?  I know there are alot of personal preference variables
but I would appreciate any info that can be passed on. Thanks