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Re: A/C problem/questions

At 10:50 AM 2/12/96 -0700, you wrote:

>So the questions are:

>What leaked out?

You lost your charge of refrigerant.  The refrigeration lines have freon and
oil in them.  The oil lubricates the AC compressor.  That's probably what
you smelled.

>What is the correct name for the radiator thing under the dash?
That's the "evaporator."  The radiator looking thing in front of your
engine's radiator is the AC system's air cooled condenser.

>I was planning on leaving the A/C intact and functional, but if
>I have really screwed up in some high $$$ way, I might save
>some weight.

Refrigerant goes up in price daily now that it is not being produced.  In
the good old days you could buy a can of it to recharge you AC system
yourself for only a couple of dollars.  Now it's $$$/lb.

Actually, it's illegal for you to fix your own AC system if you are not
licensed for handling refrigerant.  Best bet is to have it fixed.


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