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Anti-roll bars for 4000Q

Dear Quattrophiles-

I am writing to find out about experiences with changing the anti-roll
bars on a 4000 quattro.

I would like to use a larger bar up front, and install a small bar in the
rear.  My purpose is to reduce body roll while cornering, and dial out
most of the understeer.

I have looked in the archives, and found some articles, but nothing
specifically pertains to the 4000q.  

I am looking to find out what people have done for a rear connection system.
So far I have heard various stories:  From one person who put a set of
front control arms on the rear (will this really work?), to another person
who welded the end of the link-rods to the control arms (seems pretty crazy
to me).

I am also interested to find out what size bars people have used.

Has anyone made an adjustable rear bar?

Your comments are very much appreciated.

Mason B