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Re: Hella lights vs. PIAA (revisited)

>I understand that the Hella's were designed to be mounted on top of the 
>bumper.  Does anybody know if they can be mounted pendant-style from 
>the bottom of the bumper?  I know that I'll lose a little bit of the  
>distance that way, but I've got the 100W highbeams to make up that 
>Finally any sugggestions on how to best mount these suckers to the front 
>of a 4K/GT series car?  I'd like to try to get them mounted well enough 
>that a minor run-in with some shrubbery doesn't re-aim them somewhere 
>in the vicinity of Mars/Jupiter!

I've got them mounted Pendant style on my 5KTQ and they work great.... In 
fact I don't even use my high beams anymore and they don't blind 
oncomming drivers.

Try removing the lower grill and tucking the back of the lights in there, 
but if your running into shrubs and parking stones it's not going to 
re-aim the "vicinity of Mars/Jupiter" it's going to break the $35 lenses. 
 So I guess the moral of this story is "don't run into them!"


Eric Fletcher