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Re: A6 styling re A4/A8

>>idealized ring. Frankly, I (waving my hands) think this will pale in
>>comparison the energy of a 3000 lb car travelling at 100 kmph or so.
>Yes but for the same heat rejection as an Iron rotor an aluminum rotor 
>weighs 31.5% less....  A metal matrix rotor 40% lighter and a carbon 
>rotor 70% lighter..... There are books on the subject.......
>Eric Fletcher

Damn the books! Let's do some more math..... we need to know the actual
weight of the iron rotors on the viper and the Al rotors on the prowler and
compute the angular momentum for each at a given speed and then * 4 = the
angular momentum of the rotors on each vehicle at that speed. Then we
compute the difference in angular momentum and compare this with the
difference in linear momentum of the two vehicles (m*v?) at that same speed.
Remember, the argument put forth here by some is that the prowler has a
shorter stopping distance Vs the viper *by virtue of the relative lightness
of the prowler's Al rotors*.....

My point is that the lower angular momentum of the prowler's Al rotors will
get "lost in the noise" when compared to the much larger momentum of the
much more massive viper.

GAWD! I *love* this list!