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Scrick cams/ A4-tested

I posted a message a few weeks ago on the subject of Schrick cams for the V6 -
got a very polite silence. So now I know, this is really the OLD AUDI list,
mebbe those of us who made the mistake of buying a NEW Audi should migrate to
the Yuppie wine list or something.

So it seems that no one has actually used these cams which are pretty
ubiquitous on VWs - is this really true. Anyway, for all those bleating about
more power for their A4s etc, there is a solution, and remember you did not
hear it it here - we only know about I5 engines cos we is po!

I test drove an A4 fitted with a set of Schrick cams last week. Just a short
drive, but a BIG and tangible difference. Power comes in over 3K rpm, and feels
like another 15hp which grows to 20 over 4K. Mid range change ups are reduced
beca+use there is tork too! Floored it on an on ramp at 2.5k and it spun up in
3rd to 4.5k on the ramp. Tried it with regular set up on a base line drive, and
I only got to 3k. This car also had the throttle body and filter set up
designed by the guys who put the cams into the car. The A4 was a Q manual (of
course) and was still very new.

So where can you get this, I guess its pretty unimportant as all we really know
about is I5s and turbos, so this message is just for the lurkers to slaivate
over. BTW, the idle is rough, sort of like a pre injection Alpha, especially
when warm. This may get cured if someone does a chip for these cams. But I
guess with so few cars out there, it will be another 5 years before we see that
happen. Long live I5s and down with Yankee V6s!

Or so say all of us!