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Re: A6 styling re A4/A8

> >with these numbers, I calculate that for equal volumes (we simply swap
> >aluminum for iron) the iron rotor will be 2.9 times more massive. for equal
> >masses, the iron rotor will heat 1 degK for each .48 degK the aluminum
> >rotor heats. 2.9*.48= 1.392.  So, a rotor of Al equal in volume to the
> >original Fe rotor will be increase in temperature 40% more than the iron
> >rotor for a given deceleration (energy input). 

What does the temperature profile look like, though?  This doesn't
take into account the far-superior thermal conductivity of Al, which
will also dictate how efficiently the venting will work.

Besides, I would guess that this is dwarfed by the savings in 
angular momentum due to reduced mass.

Dan Masi