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1993 S4


I just wanted to pass along some information.  In my search for a backup 
QUATTRO, I came across a 1993 S4 with 17000 miles on it.  It is 
pearlescent white and still has about a year left on the factory 
warranty.  The dealer is asking $29K but I suspect is a bit negotiable.  
That's a bit out of my budget so my search goes on.  Another dealer has a 
1991 200Q with 88K miles (and the damned ufo brakes) that has been 
maintained with regularity.  They're asking $16k and I'm getting up 
enough guts to offer them $12K.  

Anywaze, there are a lot of quattros for sale at used car dealers in the 
Hartford CT area, if anyone is interested.  If you want something in 
particular, perhaps I have seen or driven it, so leave me an e-mail if 
you wish.  I have no interest here other than to get a good deal on a 
good car.

Mike Stricker
1990 Quattro Coupe