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Re: Audi/NSU Wankel

>	Thems fightin' words!!  Wow.  "Questionable comparisons"?  I think
>that some Wankel(a German design, I might add) history might be
>interesting reading for any Audi owner.  Seems to me NSU, who was one of
>the first users of rotary engines, is a cousin of Audi.  As a matter of
>fact, I think that a 4-rotor Wankel engine would go very nicely in a
>5KCSTQ.  700-800 hp would do wonders for that car. 

I thought That you and I talked about this.  4 rotor Quad turbo.......... 
 Good God man now were cooking!  Save 200lbs in the front make 700 HP  
let's see 0-60 in 3 Seconds with 4 BIG guys in the car!!


Eric Fletcher