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Beaten by a Rally GTI

Just two breif items here:

1)  The Calgary Sports Car Club kicked off its 1996 "Autocross"
series Sunday morning.  Here, "autocross" referes to a slalom on
snow/grass/gravel.  We run on a huge vacant lot next to a large
racing facility.  

After I ('90 90Q20V) and a Geo Tracker (spectator car) cleared a
1 km course through 1-2 feet of snow, the heat was on.  I did
good, taking first in class (4WD, only one in class!!!) and
second overall, beat by a VW GTI Prorally car running on 10/62-15
Michelin Rally Snows.  These suckers are 100 mm wide at the
tread, which consists of spikes (1 cm diameter) of rubber.  I was
on old Bridgestone snows, 215/60-15, way too wide.  Gotta love
the 20V power band.....4500 wham to 7000.

2)  Later on Sunday, I installed  a new all-metal radiator in my
wife's '86 5kTQW.  This unit is from Denmark.  No aluminum, no
plastic.  Core-able too, although I doubt the car will last that

The Temp gauge didn't work before, or after the install.  It usta
work, and would go out when the fan came on, diving gracefully
for low, then coming back up to say 100 when the fan went off.
Is this in the archives?  Where?  Somebody give me a clue on
this, please?

All in all, a great Sunday!