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Re: Any input on European Engineering ?

> 	Anyone in the Boston metro area have anything to say (good or bad)
> in regards to European Engineering in Framingham ?(or is it Natick). They
> deal in mostly German (although they had TWO Dino's in the showroom) and 
> their prices seem WAY low... 

Here's info from the Vendors list:

  European Performance Engineering, Bill Pfister (rdh@sli.com, others)
  10 Cochituate Street
  Natick, MA 01760
  (508) 651-1316
  EPE got my car working in a day (after over two months of Audi dealer
  messing around). While predominantly a Porsche shop -- there's always
  a coupla 911's lying in various stages of disassembly, and they race a
  911 -- they seem to understand Audis and German cars in general.
  (I've seen the stray Ferrari, Mercedes, Jaguar, and even an ancient
  Triumph make an appearance.) They have a dyno if you *really* want to
  know how much power your car makes . . .

They get a very good recommendation.


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